Women in Philanthropy

Women in Philanthropy

Eastern Carolina Community Foundation works with an effective group of women who really understand the meaning of  “power of the purse.”

The group is Women in Philanthropy, a giving circle based on the theory that women informed about philanthropy and about needs in their community can collectively make a difference. These women are dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Pee Dee by combining their financial and intellectual resources to award annual grants to nonprofit organizations.  Members connect to each other, and to the community and bring about change through the power of small grants.

Women in Philanthropy was founded in 2009. Each member is a link in an ever-growing chain that enables Women in Philanthropy to do collectively what no one member might achieve individually. Membership gifts are pooled to create a larger fund that awards grants.  Every member has a voice and a vote in where the funds go.  Learn more about our past grant recipients here.

Grants from Women in Philanthropy have helped abused women and children, cancer patients needing medications, senior citizens needing in home nurse visits, handicapped children eager for a week at camp, and indigent individuals needing dentures. In turn, staff from organizations receiving funds are frequent speakers at Women in Philanthropy events.  The professionals share information about the work they are doing in the community which provides education about needs in the community.  Some women take their interest further by becoming volunteers at organizations though this is not required.

Membership Information

Any woman who resides in the Pee Dee and commits to contributing $500 annually– women 40 and younger may contribute $250 — is encouraged to join.  Members represent a broad variety of incomes, religions, backgrounds, and educational and/or career achievements. In addition to the financial contribution, the only other requirement is to have a significant interest in Pee Dee charities.

Women in Philanthropy helps the Community Foundation carry out its mission of promoting philanthropy by making it easy and effective for people to support the issues they care about.

Email wip@easterncarolinacf.org to receive a brochure about Women in Philanthropy.  You may also make an online donation to support Women in Philanthropy.  If you wish to make an online donation through PayPal, click here.

Click here for the ECCF. Women in Philanthropy Membership Form.2021

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