Boys and Girls Clubs of the Pee Dee Area Fund (2014)

Time – every child needs it, but not every child gets it. Not having the consistent attention of a caring adult can send children down a long and risky path where few good things await them. But devoting all that time to the youth of the Pee Dee left little time for another task, namely the management of an endowment the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Pee Dee Area had been maintaining for several years. When a board member suggested that Executive Director Neal Zimmerman look into the services offered by Eastern Carolina Community Foundation, his interest was piqued. What he learned was that he could enlist the help of ECCF to not only manage the endowment, but to grow it, as well. The board agreed it made good financial sense.

“It was a relief to be able to turn the oversight of those dollars over to the Community Foundation,” he said. “I was surprised by just how easy the process was. I see it as a way to safeguard our dollars – having somebody overseeing them whose mindset is not just to safeguard the funds, but to grow them.”

For more information, visit their website: https://www.bgcpda.org/


Boys & Girls Club of the Pee Dee