Lighthouse Ministries Mission Fund (2014)

Lighthouse Ministries Mission Fund supports the work of Lighthouse Ministries in Florence which serves as a beacon for more than 2,000 struggling households annually. With a focus on assisting with life’s most basic needs, this outreach lends a hand to families who are facing eviction, disconnection of utilities, and inability to afford life-sustaining medication.

“The difference between Lighthouse and other outreach programs in the area is that people can walk in here and speak with a volunteer, someone who will sit down with them one-on-one, find out about their crisis and work to keep the lights on or prevent eviction,” said Cecilia Meggs, executive director. “They leave with hope, thanks to volunteers who are here because this is what they love to do. They take time to listen and are trained to give good advice on options available to those who come here in need.”


Lighthouse Ministries