UPDATE:  Tuesday, September 12


Community foundations are at the forefront of relief efforts from Hurricanes Irma in Florida and Harvey in Texas.  We have received many calls from people in the Pee Dee asking for the best way to help.

For Texas,  go to the Greater Houston Community Foundation’s page to give.

For Florida,  we are waiting to get word on whether one or more state-wide relief funds will be established.  As of now,  the community foundations in Miami, Sarasota, Jacksonville, and West Palm Beach all have active relief funds.

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is the best source for comprehensive information about ways to assist relief efforts.  It is endorsed by the Council on Foundations.

We have much to be thankful for here in our seven counties of the Pee Dee despite lots of rain and high winds.

ECCF’s PEE DEE DISASTER RELIEF FUND is always activated to help our Pee Dee communities recover from natural disasters.

We know that in the days ahead our local nonprofit organizations will be called upon to help citizens in need.  So get ahead of this storm and donate now to PEE DEE DISASTER RELIEF FUND.

You can also go to First Reliance Bank and make a deposit to the fund.  Donations are tax deductible and will be used locally to help disaster relief in the seven counties of the Pee Dee.

PEE DEE DISASTER RELIEF FUND was created in 2010 to aid tornado victims in Darlington County.  Since then, it has been very active in the 2015 Flood relief and in response to Hurricane Matthew.  Over $80,000 donated by Pee Dee citizens and corporations has been distributed in the last two years to local Pee Dee nonprofits.  We are proud to work with Lighthouse Ministries, Caring and Sharing in Hemingway, Red Cross, Johnsonville, Nichols, Marion County, and long term recovery groups in Florence, Marion and Dillon counties.  Donations to PEE DEE DISASTER RELIEF FUND will keep local contributions serving local citizens impacted by the pending hurricane disaster.

CLICK HERE to be taken to ECCF’s donation page where you can make a secure donation with Paypal or with your credit card.  Thank you so much.



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