Burn Care International Endowment (2015)

Outside of most developed countries, very few places in the world offer a rehabilitation program for burn victims.  While a patient might survive the actual burn and hospitalization, there is a long process of wound healing that requires preventative attention to avoid debilitating problems.  Burn Care International is dedicated to improving the lives of burn victims in developing countries around the world based on the experiences of its founder Cindy Jackson.

During the holidays of 2001,  God orchestrated events in Cindy’s life that would change her forever. In an accident at her home in Bolivia, South America where she and her husband were working as missionaries, Cindy was seriously burned with third degree burns on over 35% of her body. She spent the next two years undergoing rehabilitation.

Five months after the accident, Cindy and her family returned to Bolivia to continue their ministry and for her to continue the healing process.  Unknowingly she began what was to eventually become Burn Care International when she visited a teenager that was seriously burned and had been in the public hospital for eight months.

That led to more frequent visits to the public hospital for burned children which led to the foundation of Burn Care International which sews and fits custom made pressure garments for the 15 bed pediatric burn unit of the Vietma Hospital in Cochabamba Bolivia. The clinic operates a low cost program that effectively works with burn patients, and from this experience, other mission hospitals in other countries have learned how to implement their own burn care program.

Cindy established a designated endowment fund for Burn Care International to attract outside donations to the work and also to provide a dedicated funding stream for the organization which will grow as the endowment grows.  For more information on her work, visit www.burncareinternational.com.