What Is A Community Foundation?


Community Foundations are nonprofit, public charities created by a collaboration of local citizens with a common purpose — to improve the quality of life in their region. Eastern Carolina Community Foundation is one of nearly 750 community foundations across the nation.  We are a unique tax-exempt nonprofit that establishes permanent charitable funds that are pooled and invested to meet the current and future needs of communities throughout the seven counties of the Pee Dee.

Overseen by a volunteer board of citizens and run by professionals who are experts in local philanthropy, the Community Foundation invests and manages these charitable funds and assists donors in distributing gifts to nonprofit civic, cultural, educational, environmental, faith-based, health and human service organizations.

Community Foundations are extraordinarily flexible in the types of funds they can create, in the kinds of contributions they can accept, and in the ways they can work to make grants. In a rural region like the Pee Dee, one can easily see where the dollars go and what they accomplish — that’s powerful philanthropy.
Eastern Carolina Community Foundation is devoted to growing a spirit of giving in the Pee Dee. We work with families, individuals, attorneys, and estate and financial planners to design charitable giving options that fit every economic situation, ensuring donors that their dollars make the best possible impact. Your giving options are easy to set up and manage, and can provide generous tax benefits.

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