Anyone Can Be A Philanthropist

Anyone Can Be A Philanthropist

Philanthropy means to love humankind. It’s something we all can do!

Philanthropy is powered by our need to connect with others, and by our desire for a better world.

That means anyone and everyone can get involved in local philanthropic efforts!  The Community Foundation partners with citizens like you to create permanent charitable funds making it possible to give back to our community in a way that lasts forever.

We offer a wide variety of giving and fund options to accommodate unique financial circumstances, charitable goals, and tax and estate planning objectives by helping you design a charitable giving plan tailored to your specific philanthropic goals.

For Good. Forever.

Community foundations are the hub of philanthropy for their local communities and operate in perpetuity. Gifts made today grow and provide resources for our community far into the future.

As an independent public charity, community foundations work in specific geographic areas to build permanent collections of endowed funds contributed by many donors in amounts both large and small. The funds are pooled and invested. Earnings from the endowed funds are returned to the community in the form of grants, scholarships, and other charitable distributions in perpetuity.

Are you ready to be a philanthropist? Let’s get started!