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Pee Dee Disaster Relief Grant – Round 3

Pee Dee Disaster Relief Fund Grant – Round 3

Eastern Carolina Community Foundation

PO Box 1615 Florence, SC 29503     info@easterncarolinacf.org

Fund History: The Pee Dee Disaster Fund was first established in 2010 at the Eastern Carolina Community Foundation through a partnership with the Darlington Raceway in response to tornados that hit Darlington. In 2015, donations helped to support organizations responding to the floods. In more recent years, we have faithfully responded to Hurricanes Matthew and Florence. Now, in 2020, we are experiencing a time of global pandemic, which is both a health crisis and an economic challenge. Online donations to the Pee Dee Disaster Relief Fund at www.easterncarolinacf.org and checks mailed to PO Box 1615, Florence, SC 29503 have been gratefully received. The ECCF Board of Directors serves as the decision making body for the grant’s distribution. Our intent is to help organizations respond to food, shelter, health, and nonprofit sustainability needs stemming from the pandemic in a quick and efficient way. Grants are available in amounts varying from $500- $2,000. This fund will award grants in three rounds, over a six month period, in order to provide a much needed cash infusion quickly, while also preparing for long-term needs of the community.

Eligibility:     Non-profit agencies with annual budgets below $1,000,000 that serve the people of

Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Marlboro, Marion, and Williamsburg counties.

 Deadline:  Round 3) September 30, grants to be announced October 16, 2020.

Application:  On one page of paper, please submit the following by mail or email:

Name of organization


Proof of charitable status

Contact person and title

Contact person’s address, phone, and email

Geographic area served

Mission statement

Amount requested ($500-$2,000)

A paragraph describing the purpose of the funds, what you plan to accomplish

A paragraph describing how or why funds needed are related to the pandemic

Two months after approval, a brief report will be requested to hear how the funds have been utilized. Organizations can apply for more than one round.

The more we have, the more we can give away.

Please encourage those in your network of influence to consider giving generously to this fund. Thank you for your efforts to meet the needs of our community!

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