The Endowment Fund for St. Luke Lutheran Church (2014)

When St. Luke Lutheran Church’s longtime members Max and Florrie Stockman died, they left their estate to the church. In 2014, The Endowment Fund for St. Luke Lutheran Church was created as an endowed agency fund at ECCF with the money received from the estate.

The Endowment has given the church a way to help the community by supporting organizations in the Pee Dee area. The purpose of the St. Luke Lutheran Church Endowment Fund shall be to use the income and discretionary principal there from to further the ministry of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the end that His divine presence will be magnified in the lives of the faithful following of Saint Luke Lutheran Church and beyond.

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church’s endowment board has an established annual process that guides its decision making to fund grant requests made to the endowment.  It is based on the mission statement of St. Luke Lutheran Church to focus on the areas of: community outreach through ministry, education and philanthropy.  The community outreach through ministry category focuses primarily on ministering to social needs in the Pee Dee area.  The social needs must be substantiated through documentation. Education grants focus on providing Christian education programs throughout the Pee Dee area. Philanthropic grants focus on supporting and nurturing the missions of St. Luke Lutheran Church as well as other charitable organizations. Applications are accepted from October 1st to December 31st and reviewed according to the purpose of the Endowment Fund and awarded annually on March 31st.

Grant application forms can be found on the church’s website, www.stlukeflorence.org.