Friends and Alumni of Palmetto High School Endowment (2015)

Friends and Alumni of Palmetto High School formed in 1984, under the leadership of retired Lt. Col Milton W. Troy II, to provide scholarship opportunities to African American seniors at Mullins High School to attend post-secondary institutions of higher education.  The organization operates based on donations and voluntary services from friends and alumni of Palmetto/Mullins High School dating back to the class of 1941.

Services are based upon the shared belief that (1) education benefits individuals and promotes national development, (2) education increases an individual’s subsequent earnings and expands future opportunities, which benefits both the individual and the community through increased economic productivity and higher family incomes; and (3) there are disparities that persist in access to educational resources in African Americans communities.  Thus, the goal is to provide as many scholarships as possible each year.

Friends and Alumni of Palmetto High School established an endowed designated fund in 2015.