Whipple Marlboro Fund (2009)

Whipple Marlboro Fund was established in 2009 as a donor advised fund converting from a private foundation of the same name. Its charitable purpose is to assist persons who are in the most humble walks of life in Marlboro County.  Originally established in 1972 as a private foundation with a bequest from the estate of Mr. Charles S. Whipple of Plunkett’s Creek Township in Lycoming County, PA, the  private foundation began with $46,406.55 from Whipple’s estate and has distributed more than $150,000 since that time. It is a wonderful example of a private foundation realizing the benefits of converting to a donor advised fund to continue to do the same philanthropic work in Marlboro County that they have done for over thirty years without the administrative and financial responsibilities, allowing more money to be spent on charitable giving.